Red Shoe Lunch

Our 11th Annual Red Shoe Lunch will be the first time for a virtual event. For the past ten years, our events all took place in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was started to raise money for the American Heart Association in memory of Veronica Blount who lost her battle with heart disease at the age of 46. To date we've raised 0ver $19,000 for the Veronica Blount Memorial Page with the American Heart Association. 

Our plans for 2021 is to become a non-profit organization in an effort to expand our fundraising efforts. All proceeds from the 2021 Red Shoe Lunch will go towards the legal fees and start-up costs for launching the Veronica Blount Memorial Foundation which will continue to host the Red Shoe Lunch as its flagship annual event. In addition to RSL, we plan to make an impact on the communities we live and underserved communities that are most vulnerable to heart disease because of a lack of education, healthcare and resources.


We really need the help of our supporters to make this happen. We plan to become a well-known international foundation helping those in need all over the globe! For more information, visit 



Donate via our GoFundMe page to help us launch the Veronica Blount Memorial Foundation. All donors who donate $50 or more will qualify for our free giveaway drawing. 

Earn free Giveaway tickets based on the amount of money you donate to the fund. One ticket for every $10 you donate.  The giveaway drawing will take place live on Saturday, February 27, 2021 during our event. Admission to the virtual event is $24.99.

All giveaway items were donated by the RSL Committee Members.  All items will be shipped or delivered free of charge. 


The live event will take place on FaceBook Live. Use the links on this site to register. Registration is $24.99 and is paid directly to FaceBook. No payments or donations are made on this site. 

Guests can watch the live event and raffle from their computers or mobile devices. Only paid attendees will be allowed to view the content and if you miss the live event, you can come back later to watch. 

Throw on your Red Shoes for the cause, but you can stay in your pajamas and you don't have to worry about hair and makeup as there will be no video for the audience. You will be able to chat with us live via the online chat function and we do want everyone to share the photos on social media to raise awareness. 

We are looking forward to seeing you! Thank you for your support!


In past years we've asked our supporters to donate to the American Heart Association in memory of Veronica Blount. This year we have a fundraising goal of $10,000 to help us with the legal fees and start-up costs to launch the Veronica Blount Memorial Foundation (VBMF). We will continue to support the American Heart Association with an annual giving campaign specifically to raise funds and awareness for AHA through several organized events throughout the year. DONATE TO BECOME AN INAUGURAL DONOR! 

Inaugural Donor Levels

All Inaugural Donors will have their names added to our Inaugural Donor Plaque which will be displayed at our events. Inaugural Donors will also receive limited edition lapel pins and other event recognition, priority seating, event discounts and yearly budget summaries that detail our fundraising efforts. 



We will have a short presentation followed by our live raffle

Donate to our GoFundMe to become an Inaugural Donor

  • BRONZE | Donate $50 or more

  • SILVER | Donate $100 or more

  • GOLD | Donate $250 or more

  • PLATINUM | Donate $500 or more

  • DIAMOND | Donate $1,000 or more