Red Shoe Lunch

The 12th Annual Red Shoe Lunch will take place in person on Saturday, February 26, 2021 from 12p-3p at the Evergreen Marriott in Stone Mountain, Georgia.


Out of an abundance of caution and because we are advocates for health, we’re requesting all attendees for the 2022 Red Shoe Lunch be fully vaccinated. Proof of vaccination (2 shots of Pfizer or Moderna / 1 shot of Johnson & Johnson) will be required upon entry. This applies to all attendees, so please confirm with your guests before inviting them to attend.


We used the donations from the 2021 Annual Lunch towards legal fees and start up costs for the Veronica Blount Memorial Foundation. We have not yet received our 501c3 designation due to major backlogs at the IRS during the pandemic. Staffing issues and WFH has slowed the pace of the IRS. Our Attorney awaits the final approval paperwork and will let us know as soon as it’s completed.


What does this mean for us?

  1. We are holding onto our donor pins and will distribute them as soon as the non-profit is official. We sincerely thank everyone who donated to help us become a NPO. We used funds from the 2021 donations to pay the attorney fees and other legal fees.

  2. We will not ask for any donations during the 2022 Red Shoe Lunch. We will however host an expansive raffle with all proceeds going to our continued efforts of starting the non-profit; so please generously participate in the raffle.

  3. As soon as the 501c3 is official, we will contact all Inaugural Donors and celebrate with an Inaugural Ball. More details will follow.   


We will host an expansive raffle for the 2022 Red Shoe Lunch! The raffle is always a fun highlight of the event and this year's raffle will truly be a highlight! 

In past years we've asked guests to make donations to the American Heart Association. This year our fundraising efforts will support the launch of our non-profit organization, the Veronica Blount Memorial Foundation (VBMF). We will not collect individual donations; instead, we encourage attendees to participate in the raffle. All proceeds from the raffle will go towards off-setting the cost of the lunch and towards the legal fees and start-up costs of VBMF. 

Raffle items will range from $1 - $100. Tickets can be purchased at the event using cash and credit. You cannot purchase raffle tickets with checks.


In past years we've asked our supporters to donate to the American Heart Association in memory of Veronica Blount. This year we are continuing our efforts to help with the legal fees and start-up costs to launch the Veronica Blount Memorial Foundation (VBMF). We will continue to support the American Heart Association with an annual giving campaign specifically to raise funds and awareness for AHA through several organized events throughout the year. 


The 2022 event will be hosted in-person! After hosting our 2021 event virtually, we are looking forward to reuniting with our donors, supporters and guests. 

We are aware that the pandemic is still underway which is why we are hosting the 2022 lunch in a larger space that will prevent table crowding. We are also mandating all participants be fully vaccinated. 

As always, lunch will be a plated meal and not a buffet. Guests are welcome to wear masks and take measures of precaution as they see fit. Masks will not be mandated at the event. 

To help prevent the spread of viruses and germs, sanitizer will be provided. 

Stone Mountain Park Charges an entry fee which we have included in the price of your ticket. Please let the gate attendant know you're attending the Red Shoe Lunch.

We are looking forward to seeing you! Thank you for your support!



Donations can be made in any amount during checkout