Heart disease is the number one killer in the world, killing more people than all cancers combined. In 2000 Veronica Blount died from heart disease; she was 46 years old. In 2010 Veronica's oldest daughter, Tarcha was rushed to the hospital with cardiac concerns and after several tests and days in the hospital, she underwent a cardiac cath; she was 37 years old at the time. Days after her release from the hospital, she hosted a lunch to honor her mother's birthday. She asked her friends to wear red shoes to show support for the American Heart Association and National Heart Month. Tarcha paid for everyone's lunch and in return asked them to make a donation in any amount to the AHA. This would be the first annual Red Shoe Lunch.


The Red Shoe Lunch is held every year on the last Saturday of February in Atlanta, Georgia. We raise awareness about heart disease and other cardiac illness. We raise money to help support the American Heart Association in their efforts to educate and fight heart disease and other cardiac illness.