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For every Omron blood pressure monitor you purchase, we will gift one to a household in an underserved community. Our goal is to make sure every household has a blood pressue monitor. Our One For Every One Campaign was created to raise funds to supply every home with a blood pressure monitor.


Red Shoe Lunch Founder and Veronica Blount Memorial Foundation Executive Director, Tee Blount believes blood pressure monitors are like smoke detectors, they aide in prevention and can save lives. Tee wants to make sure every home is equipped with a blood pressure monitor. 


You can purchase monitors as gifts for those you love and you can purchase monitors to donate to the Veronica Blount Memorial Foundation (VBMF) , a 501c3 nonprofit organization. If you purchase a monitor to be donated to VBMF, that's two homes you're equipping with a monitor! 



Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Buy One GIFT One!

  • We are able to purchase blood pressure monitors in bulk for 1/2 the cost many retailers sell them. The cost we list here allows us to purchase two monitors. When you purchase one, it allows us to gift one to a household in an underserved community. 

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) African Americans, Latinos, and American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/ANs) are three of the most historically underserved populations in health care. 

    Our distribution of monitors will begin in the lowest income communities. 

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