Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: If I want to donate, what's the best way?

A: You can donate directly to the Veronica Blount Memorial Fund with the American Heart Association (AHA) using this link or you can bring a check payable to the American Heart Association to the event; we will collect checks there and mail them after the event.


Q: What's the dress code?

A: There's no mandated dress code, but most guests dress business casual.


Q: Do I have to wear red shoes?

A: No, red shoes are not a requirement; the red shoes symbolize the support of AHA, but not everyone wears them.


Q: Where is the event held?

A: Each year we make an effort to host the event in a different location within metropolitan Atlanta. Most of our attendees attend every year and we enjoy being able to provide a different experience. Always check the homepage for date, time and location.


Q: What should I expect at the event?

A: The lunch is generally a 2 hour event consisting of either a plated or buffet meal. The 10th Annual Lunch will be 3 hours to include some special activities. Each year there are different activities that tie into raising awareness. Our raffle has become the staple of the event and is thoroughly enjoyed by our attendees. We raffle off dozens of prizes for very affordable raffle tickets. Proceeds from the raffle help subsidize the overall costs of the event and all additional proceeds are donated to the American Heart Association through the Veronica Blount Memorial Page.


Q: Are children allowed to attend?

A: It's generally an audience of adults and young adults, but children are allowed to attend. All children 2 and over must have a full-price ticket. Children under 2 must sit in the adult's lap (seating is limited).


Q: Is there a portion of the ticket price donated to AHA?

A: Yes, the idea is for us to keep the cost as minimal as possible so we can donate a percentage of each individual ticket sale to AHA. The portion of your ticket donated to AHA is donated in your name and is tax deductible. Please keep in mind that the bulk of your ticket price covers your meal and we encourage all guests to make an in-person donation during the lunch. Most donations are made through the in-person / table donations. If paying by check, please make the check payable to: The American Heart Association. The donation made on behalf of the ticket buyer is made in the buyer's name and the receipt is emailed or mail directly from AHA. For those purchasing a table, please see the sponsorship details for the amount donated in your name. The donation is made in the name of the purchaser / company.


Q: Is this organization a NPO or 501c3?

A: No, this is an event and not an organization accepting any funds other than the ticket cost associated with the meal. All donations are made directly to the American Heart Association via the Veronica Blount memorial page. Donations made in-person are submitted to the American Heart Association within three weeks after the event. Donations made to the American Heart Association are tax deductible and the receipt is sent directly to the donor using the contact information provided during the sale of the ticket or by using the information left on the donor envelope provided at the event. Donors who cannot attend the event are encouraged to make donations directly on the AHA website using this link.


Q: If my company wants to be a sponsor, will our donations be tax deductible?

A: Only donations made to the American Heart Association are tax deductible. Our sponsorship packages are media packages and should be considered advertising expenses. All in-kind donations are for advertising value only. Advertising includes, but is not limited to print materials before, during and after the event; verbal acknowledgement, digital platforms and media outlets. Advertising is only valid for the year and event in which the contribution was made; it does not carryover to subsequent years.







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